Know Peace (No Peace Pt. 3)

We have seen the peril in trusting Mother Nature with our lives. Immortality is non-existent and there is no security in our legacy. Although nature enthusiasts mourn the fact that evolution eventually led to the existence of Homo Sapiens, there is solace to be found in a relationship with the Father. In the Father’s paradigm, humans are the supreme creation and all of the rest of nature was created for man’s pleasure. Even though man has, at times, abused nature, the natural world is there as a resource for our existence. Our Father – we call him God, Abba, YWHW, Yahweh, or Jehovah – is full of grace and is willing to forgive our trespasses beyond what is reasonable. Why, then, is He not universally accepted and worshipped by all? Why is it that if I leapt out at someone on Pearl Street and asked, “ Do you have a minute for Father God?” I would be met with disdain or malice? If you accept that our Father is the creator of the universe and everything in it, you don’t need a billion years or a process no one truly understands to explain our existence. Why is the book of Genesis more difficult to accept than abiogenesis? Why? Could it be the acceptance of a Father in heaven demands that we have reverence for Him over ourselves? In the Bible, Jesus of Nazareth, the Son of God, the Christ, tells us, commands us, to love the Father and to love others as we love ourselves. There is no need for a commandment to love ourselves; we are quite good at that! Rather than loving, worshiping, and obsessing over the Father’s creation, we would need to apply those actions to the Father Himself. Well, some people have trouble placing anything or anyone above himself or herself especially some invisible deity that they believe they have no need for. The problem, of course, is that believing that Mother Nature is supreme brings no peace, only anxiety. To truly know peace, we have to trust that a benevolent being is sovereign and in control of our destinies. If there is no Father, then there is no heaven. Mother Nature only provides cold hard ground for our remains, while Father God provides streets paved with gold. With Father God, it is our inner being, our soul, that matters, not the external remains that rot and become worm food. Nature is a creation; Father God is the creator. I believe that finding peace in our Father is far superior than seeking to please Mother Nature. Having an open heart to God is more fulfilling than any natural experience known to man. It only takes an ounce of faith for an eternity of joy and peace!!


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