No Peace (Pt 2)

OK, so what’s my point? My point is that if Mother Nature or Mother Earth is your mom it implies that “she” has produced you. Typically this means that you believe that you were produced through the evolutionary process whereby things from the earth like rocks, dirt, minerals, water, etc. somehow came together and through some process no one fully understands produced a life form. Through billions of years of evolving circumstances that life form became what is now you. Therefor, the earth or nature is what birthed you, so you call her Mother Nature. I get that. What follows then is that when you eventually die (yes, it happens to everyone) you will be buried, wormed out, and become one with nature again. There is no real hope for anything other than that since that is basically how nature works. And since that is the way nature works, it follows that your life now is all that matters and you must live it in a way that serves some sort of purpose, otherwise you are just wasting time. The only way to immortality is through offspring (unreliable) and/or a legacy (also unreliable, but we will discuss that later). If you rely on a legacy, one way would be to get involved with Green Peace or some other organization bent on saving the planet, the whales, or some other endangered species. There are two ways to be involved with organizations like that, 1) Illegally board whaling ships in the Bering Straits, or 2) Stand in the street and jump out at passers by to get them to join your efforts by asking if they have a few minutes for Mother Nature. Now, you may be the ambitious sort, and are planning to leave a legacy by finding a cure for cancer or the common cold or something else that plagues mankind. Good luck on that. But before you commit yourself to any of these life choices let me pass some thoughts along to you. First and foremost, Mother Nature is a very harsh mother, if you know what I mean. She throws hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, floods, and a lot of other nasty things in our way without pause to consider how it might affect us. (Note: Yes, I know, human involvement has been blamed for the worsening of these things over the years, but that wouldn’t matter if Mother Nature was really in control. Man, in the eyes of many nature lovers, is the only mistake Mother Nature has ever made. I will talk about that in my next post). In addition, Mother Nature cannot protect herself against things like asteroids and straying planets. So, imagine this: You find a cure for cancer and become instantly rich and famous with a secure legacy…..and then you die. You will be eulogized and loved throughout history….until the biggest asteroid ever seen plows into the planet and destroys every living creature. Whoops! All your efforts were for naught (see how unreliable legacy is?). Your best hope now is to become part of a stew of liquid hydrocarbons that create an oil field for the new inhabitants of the planet who will come along in a billion years or so. Thanks for nothing Mother Nature/Earth, whatever you are calling yourself these days. Now, in my next post I will tell you how much better off you would have been had you trusted in your Father instead of Mother Nature.


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