No Peace

My wife and I were walking down the Pearl Street Mall in Boulder, Colorado on a bright Saturday afternoon. It was a nice day, a little warm, but pleasant. The mall was filled with most of the usual suspects: a man promising to crawl into a 3 x 3 Plexiglas box but waiting until the crowd builds, guitar players, singers, guitar playing singers who have fallen asleep on the boardwalk, tourists, and just everyday strollers. That’s the category my wife and I fall into since we live only a few miles from the mall. There is one young man sitting in conversation with a young lady next to a sign that advertises “I will talk to anyone about anything – $5”. I check my pocket to see if I have a $5 bill, but only find change. Most of the restaurants on the mall are at the end of their lunch service and are preparing for the happy hour crowd. We are headed for the best little pizza place in Boulder, Pizzeria Locale, for an $8 Margherita pizza and a mini bodino. We had just settled into a full stroll, taking in the sights, when out of nowhere a young man in his twenties jumps out and says, “Do you have a few minutes for Mother Nature”. It took a few seconds to overcome my surprise and mutter, “Mother Nature, heh-heh” before moving on. That was it – until later when the idea came to me as to what I should have said: “If nature is your mother, who is your father?”. These clever and thought provoking responses never seem to come until it is too late. Oh well, I plan to be ready next time. You see, you can always count on a next time with these folks. Their question is always the same and is meant to shame you into a conversation intended to get you to donate money to their worthy cause – saving the planet. I have no issue with saving the planet – somebody ought to be concerned about the planet. My concern has always been with saving the people on the planet – you know, really saving them. Knowing who your Father is seems more important to me in this regard than the knowledge of who your mother is (no offense to all of you real life mothers out there – you are amazing!). In today’s world, for instance, there are millions of people out there who are certain of who their mother is but have no clue as to who their father is. My own grandson has never met his father, for instance. But that’s not my point. I am saving my point for my next blog.


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